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College Is Over. Now What?

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

I am officially a graduate. It sounds funny to say. It’s dawned on me that I’ll never have to do homework nor take a final exam ever again. Is it weird that I'll kind of miss it all?

Ever since I moved back home, I’ve focused all of my attention towards finding a job. The process is slow and repetitive. When a recruiter asks me to share a little something about myself, I want to say I'm on season 7 of Entourage right now or I'm taking up running. I can't. I say something along the lines of “I’m a recent college graduate with over 3 years of marketing experience.” It's forced and makes me feel like a robot but I know it’s not always going to be like this.

A few days ago, I was watching tv with my brother when I had an epiphany. I needed a hobby. During this weird; in-between time, I noticed that I needed something that I looked forward to doing. Something with a start date and an end date. Kind of like an assignment in school. It had to be fun and it obviously had to be inexpensive. Ladies and gentleman, I am now a knitter.

So far, I’ve made one scarf. It’s dark yellow in color with black dots and is too short. It can fully wrap around someone’s neck but it doesn’t have the drape that I was envisioning. It’s thick and soft which I love but is uneven in width. I love it. I love that there’s holes in it and looks like a very miniature table runner. It has character and a whimsical personality- two things I enjoy very much.

My scarf.

When I was thinking about hobbies, knitting was the first thing to cross my mind. It was portable (although knitting in public at my age is a little too Little House on the Prairie for me), it was fun in a weird repetitious way and after all, scarfs are so in! I feel like a fashion designer. "Every scarf is unique, darling. That's why it looks like Swiss cheese."

I really enjoy this new found hobby of mine and look forward to knitting in my free time. I can use the money from my big girl job to buy expensive yarn and make scarfs for my whole family. Look out guys! Christmas is only 11 months away!

P.S. Send me your neck sizes!

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