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Why I Stopped Wearing Foundation

As a young woman in my early twenties, I have had a lot of ups and downs when it came to my skin. I was a little late to the game when it came to puberty. The kids in my classes were getting flare ups and had insane BO. Meanwhile I smelled like crappy Victoria Secret perfume (looking back I wasn’t any better). I rarely wore makeup in high school which, looking back, was one of the main reasons why I never broke out.

Flash forward to my freshman year of college, I discovered this crazy thing called a partying. I began to go out to parties and joined a sorority. I noticed that the girls who were at these parties wore an obscene amount of makeup. Fake eyelashes, eyeliner, contour, bronzer, lipstick, you name it. I was out of my element with my drug store mascara and eyebrow pencil. I wanted to fit in and get the attention of these frivolous frat boys. I had to change my style… I remember making this long list (with the help of my friend/ roommate Francesca) of things I needed to buy at stores like Sephora and Ulta. The list consisted of but was not limited to:

1. Bronzer

2. Highlight

3. Mascara

4. Contour

5. Setting Powder

6. Eyeliner

7. Setting Spray

8. Eyeshadow Pallet

9. Hair Straightener

10. Makeup Brushes

11. Concealer

I BOUGHT EVERYTHING. Looking back, it symbolized a new chapter in my life titled: Suffocation.

College culture dictates that every Thursday is the day that partying begins. After school, I would head to the school’s cafeteria and load up on whatever carb I could get my hands on. Tater tots, pasta, and burgers were the go-to items. Once I felt like a beached whale, I would get ready to go out. These were marvelous times. I had more confidence within myself and noticed that men would treat me differently than if I were to not wear pounds of makeup on my skin. As you may know, coming back from a party can be a difficult affair. I had tunnel vision and all I could see was my bed. LADIES!! Sleeping in makeup= Horrible skin. I began breaking out a lot and noticed that my once perfect skin was gone. I couldn’t stop wearing makeup otherwise I wouldn’t be pretty! Wrong. Thank you for that one society. I continued this negative trend for about two more years and during the summer of my junior year, I had an epiphany.

What if I were to cut out foundation from my regular makeup routine? I would develop a skin care regimen that would allow me to have the skin I once had in high school but still have the confidence and conviction I attained once I started wearing makeup. In the beginning it wasn’t a walk in the park and believe me, there were days where I still used foundation. I noticed that when I did wear foundation, my skin felt trapped and unable to breath which normal skin must be able to do duhhh... It made me wonder why I even began to wear makeup in the first place. “Am I really sacrificing my skin for this party?” or “It’s dark in here anyways, can people even see me clearly?” are just some of the thoughts that went through my mind. I decided to officially put my foundation away for good and focus on my skin’s natural appearance.

We all have insecurities and anxieties. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have any. Society has put these rules and stipulations in place to make everyone think the same. I was a victim of this particular grasp. When I finally mustered up the courage, to do as thousands of girls have done before me, I tipped my hat to foundation once and for all. I felt so much better. I felt like I wasn’t hiding behind a screen or wearing a costume. I was my real self again. Granted, I was still wearing makeup and straightening my hair but it was a big step for me. In my particular case, foundation symbolically represented a fake version of myself. A version I didn’t recognize nor appreciate. I still think about using foundation often but know now that ultimately, it will do more harm than good.

As I embark on my new journey without foundation, I constantly think about if my life were to be any different. Would I still be the same person as I am right now? Would I be enough? I always have to put myself in my place and think about what my life represented during those times and where I was mentally. I feel better now and know that I’m still beautiful and unique in my own way. Sure, not everyone will like me but I shouldn’t be concerned with that. I surround myself with people who appreciate me for who I am and the same goes for them too. I LOVE YOU ALL!

Looking forward, this next chapter in my life will be called: The Foundation. Ha! Get it?

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